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Community Service

During the first three years of the Lindos Sueños program (2004-2006), participants performed their community service work in the impoverished town of El Mamon, a neighboring village to the Red Sox Dominican Academy. There, the teens created a baseball field for the children in the community and also built a daycare center and refurbished a water tower.

In 2007, in the fourth year of the program, the participants ventured to Haina, the hometown of David Ortiz and Jesus Alou. While in Haina, the participants rebuilt a youth baseball field overlooking the ocean.

For the fifth and sixth years of the program (2008-2009), the teens worked together to build a baseball field at an orphanage (Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos) in the Dominican town of San Pedro de Macoris. This town is known throughout the Dominican as the hotbed of baseball, due to the large number of successful ballplayers who grew up there.

In the seventh year of the program (2010) the program found a school near the Red Sox Dominican Academy that needed help. The school (Futuro Vivo) serves the most-impoverished children in the neighboring communities. Working side-by-side with some of the students of the school, the participants refurbished a baseball field and tables and benches for the school children.

In the eighth year of the program (2011) the participants returned to El Mamon, the village next to the Red Sox Dominican Academy and took on a new mission - rebuilding and refurbishing homes for some of the most-impoverished in the community. The teens drastically improved the structural stability of four homes in the community (including one home that doubled as a free schoolhouse for children in El Mamon).