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Baseball Activities

Each morning, the boys from both countries work together on in a local community. The afternoons are filled with baseball at the Red Sox Baseball Academy under the tutelage of former baseball star, and current Red Sox Director of Dominican Summer League Red Sox, Jesus Alou.

Jesus, or "Jay" as the participants know him, joined the Red Sox organization in 2002. He has been involved in the game of baseball for over 50 years, as a player, coach, and scout. Originally signed as a pitcher by San Francisco in 1958, Alou converted to the outfield and played 15 seasons in the majors with the Giants, Astros, Athletics, and Mets. He played with his brothers Felipe and Matty on the Giants from 1963-65 and on September 15, 1963, they became the only three siblings ever to play the outfield together in a big league game. He won two World Championships with the A's in 1973 and 1974. In his final two seasons with the Astros, he served as a player/coach. Jay is fluent in both English and Spanish and serves as a bit of the patriarch of the program.

Joining Alou on the baseball side of the program, is Alberto Faña. Faña has been involved in the game of baseball throughout his life. First as a Minor League player, and later as a Minor League manager. He now serves as an instructor for teens throughout the Dominican. During the Lindos Sueños program, he serves as the team's Manager. Faña is fluent in both English and Spanish.