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All games are eligible for exchange.*

Future Game Exchange

Temporary Future Game policy changes affected by Limited Capacity:

  • Only Season Tickets Holders who have been re-seated with limited capacity seating are eligible to exchange (currently 4/8 through 5/30) - based on availability.
  • Season Tickets are only able to be exchanged into games that are currently on-sale at a limited capacity (except Opening Day)
  • In the event a game can’t be selected between April 8 and May 30, the value of the tickets will temporarily be eligible to be banked for STH credit to be used during the 2021 season.
  • All tickets must be exchanged out of and in the Health & Comfort Seating Pods. No partial exchanges in Pods will be allowed.
  • Digital Parking passes are now able to be exchanged or banked in conjunction with the season ticket plan.

All Season Ticket Holders will have the ability to perform unlimited future game ticket exchanges (80 games) with the following guidelines:

  • The deadline to exchange out of a future game is 24 hours (or more) prior to the start time of the original game you wish to exchange out of.
  • Two (2) Ways to Exchange Your Season Tickets:
    • My Pirates Online Ticket Account ( Through your ticket account, you have access to live ticket inventory which is the most convenient way to exchange your season tickets.
    • PNC Park Ticket Office (located at the corner W. General Robinson and Federal Street), but exchanging online is preferred.
  • Guests must choose their new game at the time of the exchange; future game tickets are not eligible to be banked for credit.
  • Season Ticket Holders requesting a ticket exchange from a lower-priced game into a higher-priced game must pay the difference in value.
  • Conversely, if requesting a ticket exchange from a higher-priced game into a lower-priced game, the difference in ticket value can be applied to eligible future game exchanges in the 2021 Regular Season.
  • There is no limit to the number of future games you may transact.
  • All exchanges are based on availability; the Pirates cannot guarantee that all exchanges will be available.
  • While all games (except Opening Day) will initially be available to exchange into, exchanges will no longer be available once a game reaches a specific ticketing threshold. Once a game is nearing that threshold, the Pirates will notify you via email that exchanges are nearing capacity, thus giving you an opportunity to transact your potential exchange before the game is closed.
  • STH Exchange Ticket Rate is subject to change throughout the 2021 Season.
  • Digital Parking Passes may be exchanged for 2021 game dates

Missed Game Replay

Due to limited capacity, Missed Game Replay is temporarily unavailable.

Eligible 2021 dates will be provided at later date as seating capacity increases.

As a benefit, Season Ticket Holders are eligible to "replay" their season tickets from a missed game. There will be select Monday-Thursday games available for missed game redemption with the following guidelines:

  • Redemption fees will be applied at the following rates:
    • Corner Box, Infield Grandstand & Outfield Grandstand = Full Season: $1 per ticket, Half Season: $2 per ticket, 20-Game: $4 per ticket
    • Home Plate Box & Infield Box = Full Season: $4 per ticket, Half Season: $8 per ticket, 20-Game: $12 per ticket.
  • Missed Game Replay tickets may be transacted at the PNC Park Ticket Office only.
  • The last Missed Game Replay available is September 30, 2021.
  • Missed Game Replay tickets may only be redeemed once; once tickets are replayed for a new game, the tickets may not be redeemed again, regardless if the new game has passed or not.
  • Missed Game Replay tickets may be redeemed only in the following eligible seat locations: Corner Box, Infield Grandstand, Outfield Grandstand & Corner Grandstand. Tickets cannot be upgraded into any other seating category.
  • Tickets for missed games may only be redeemed into the same or a lesser priced seating category among those listed above.
  • All Missed Game Replays are based on availability; the Pirates do not guarantee that all redemptions will be available.

*Excluding Opening Day.