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Phillie Phanatic

Welcome to the Phillie Phanatic's Web page! Visit as many times as you'd like to find out what's happening with baseball's best and zaniest mascot!

Storytime with the Phillie Phanatic presented by Nemours Children's Health

The Phanatic is busy at the ballpark this week gearing up for the season but you can still enjoy storytime on YouTube!

Phanatic on Instagram

Phillie Phanatic

Baseball's best mascot has arrived on the social media scene by creating his own Instagram account.

Phanatic Videos

Phillie Phanatic

Watch clips of the Phillie Phanatic in action at Citizens Bank Park and around the globe.

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Get your Phillie Phanatic gear, including his collection of children's books.

Phanatic Programs, Wallpapers and Bio

Phanatic About Reading

Phillie Phanatic
  • Height: 6 feet 6 inches
  • Weight: 300 pounds (mostly fat)
  • Waist: 90 inches
  • Eyes: White eyeballs, black pupils, pink eyelashes and powder blue eyebrows
  • Skin: Bright green fur
  • Physical Attributes: Overweight, clumsy feet, extra long beak, extra-long curled up tongue, gawking neck and "slight" case of body odor
  • Birthplace: Galapagos Islands
  • Mom: Phoebe
  • Best Friend: Phyllis
  • Favorite Food: cheesesteaks, Soft pretzels, hoagies, scrapple and Tastykakes
  • Favorite Movie: Rocky
  • Favorite Song: "Motown Philly" (and "Take Me Out To The Ballgame", of course!)
  • Greatest Moment: The parade down Broad Street after the Phillies won the 1980 and the 2008 World Series
  • Hobbies: Eating, reading, sleeping, and cheering on the Phillies!