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Orioles Youth Baseball & Softball

The sound of the crack of a bat… the smell of fresh cut grass... the taste of dirt after a head-first slide. These are some of the best memories we have of youth baseball and softball. The Orioles are committed to creating positive, lasting memories for the youth of today and the big leaguers of tomorrow.

Tips & Activities

5 Tool Player Video Series

Straight from the pros! Learn at-home tips, drills, and workouts to improve Arm Strength & Accuracy, Speed & Baserunning, Hitting for Average, Hitting for Power, and Fielding.

Arm Strength & Accuracy

with Ben McDonald, Pitcher (1989 – 1995)

  • Hitting the Target
  • Long Toss
  • Arm Strength Exercises

Speed & Baserunning

with Brian Roberts, 2B (2001-2013)

  • Build Endurance
  • Strengthening Exercises
  • Reaction and Speed Drills

Hitting for Average

with infielder Hanser Alberto

  • Hitting off the Tee
  • Front Toss


with First Base Coach Anthony Sanders

  • Long Toss
  • Quick Feet and Hands
  • Routine Grounders
  • Backhand Grounders
  • Double Plays
  • Pick It

Hitting for Power

with Infielder Renato Núñez

  • Stretching
  • Weight Lifting
  • Batting Cage Work

Fun At Bat At Home

Play Ball Weekend

Each season, the Orioles join all 29 other clubs in celebrating Major League Baseball's Play Ball Weekend - a league-wide campaign to encourage youth participation in all forms of baseball and softball activities.

Baltimore Orioles RBI Program

The Baltimore Orioles Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) is a Baltimore City youth baseball and softball league, presented locally by T. Rowe Price. RBI is designed to promote interest in baseball and softball, increase the self-esteem of children, and encourage kids to stay in school and stay off the streets. The program is a national Major League Baseball initiative administered and financially supported by the Orioles at a local level. The Orioles have been a proud sponsor of RBI since 1989.

'Have A Catch'

Expanding upon Major League Baseball's successful Play Ball campaign, the Orioles launched the 'Have A Catch' campaign, to encourage children, and fans of all ages, to go outside and enjoy a game of catch.


Adaptive Baseball

The Orioles are committed to helping children with mental and/or physical challenges enjoy the game of baseball. Through partnerships with organizations like the Oriole Advocates Challenger Baseball program and League of Dreams, the Orioles have impacted the lives of many children through adaptive forms of baseball that allow each child to excel at the game.

Challenger Baseball Fantasy Camp

Each season, the Orioles Advocates Challenger Baseball program hosts its Fantasy Camp Clinic for local Challenger Athletes in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Approximately 60 Challenger Athletes are selected to participate and have the opportunity to learn baseball skills from current and former Orioles.

Challenger Baseball Athlete Ceremony

The Orioles recognized 34 players from the Oriole Advocates Challenger Baseball (OACB) program as part of an on-field, pregame ceremony. Each player wore their authentic Orioles jersey and waved to the crowd as their name was announced by the public address announcer. Orioles pitcher PAUL FRY congratulated each player by presenting them with Orioles caps during the ceremony.

Beep Baseball at Maryland School for the Blind

The Orioles partnered with local nonprofit League of Dreams to assist with beep baseball activities during The Maryland School for the Blind's Camp Abilities in July. Beep baseball is a form of baseball that is modified to allow those who are visually impaired to play by using a ball that beeps and bases that buzz. Camp Abilities is part of The Maryland School for the Blind Outreach's summer program and serves proximity 35 athletes each year.